Rudder Peddle Washers?

I am fixing one of my SealLine Smart Track Foot Brace assemblies and would like to know some good alternatives / sources for the washers used around the through-hull screws? The Current Design washers disintegrate when you back out the screws and most of the plumbing washers are too thick and/or hard.


Bonded washers
The kind with a metal washer with a rubber washer bonded to it is what I use for rigging anything that is through the hull.

Lowes or Home Depot
Go to the “Specialty Fasteners” section, peruse the myriad of drawers, and you will find some large rubber flat washers. Soft enough to seal the hole.


Bonded Washers?
Where do you get your bonded washers from?

Plumbing & electrical departments…
…I went to the plumbing department at the local hardware store, and got rubber O-Rings. The electrical department has plastic/teflon small washers.

…I also use stainless steel washers, with o-rings against the hull on the inside. No leaks on my kayak.