Rudder problem question.

I picked up a new Futura II last week and after paddling it for six days I can hardly move the rudder. If I disconnect the cables from the pedals everything moves easily by itself. The cables slide easily throught the sheaths, the rudder swings easily and there is no problem with the pedals themselves. It is only when everything is connected that there is so much friction in the system that you can hardly move the rudder. This is the second Futura II that I have had with this problem. Putting lubricant on the cable sounds like the obvious answer but I don't see why you should need to lub cables every other week.<br />
Does anyone have any idea what would cause this? The only thing I can think of is that there may be too much cable inside the hull. If you wiggle the rudder you can hear the cable slapping the inside of the hull. <br />
If anyone has any ideas on what may be causing this problem and how to fix it would be really appreciated. <br />
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Pedal slides?
I’m unfamiliar with this boat but I’ve had sticky slides before.

CD Boats…
On Current Designs boats, there is a small allen screw in the rail… It stops the whole slide from coming out of the “slide holder” in the bow of the boat where the pedals are attached.

If it’s too tight, the pedals don’t slide easy… too loose, and the whole asembly falls apart.

Just loosen it a turn, and you should be good, (if any of this applies)

Futura II
If they’re still using the same system, Futura uses cables affixed with tiny balls for footpedal adjustment. I’ve seen these ball slip off, slide, etc. on the cable, and after some wear, just snap off. Check the spacing on these to assure that this hasn’t happened. They also crimp at the rudder end, and this can slide also. Your binding problem happens only under load, so I’d suspect a kink in the cables or housing-something’s shifting where you don’t want it to, and it’s hanging up. Another cause might be the tubes that run the cable have shifted inside the hull, allowing the cable to bind at an extreme angle where it exits the hull, w/o the benefit of the housing to smoothly guide it.

Cable slap inside the hull might not mean much, other than the other pedal’s fallen forward, allowing excess slack on the opposite-I don’t believe the pedals are individually spring loaded-Is there a bungee that keeps tension on them at all times?

The Futura’s should have plenty of pedal throw- a few friends have them and they can literally spin on a dime, so something’s hanging up internally. Lubing the cables could actually gum up the works. For systems with long runs of cables with housings, Gore Tex cable housing teflon lined cables would make a huge difference. Tandem bicycle manufacturers have used these for years-they almost never bind, clog, or ice up and allow for butter smooth actuation of brakes and derailleurs with minimal return spring tension.

A caveat for Futura II owners: Keep a set of these dedicated spare cables on hand for when you snap one, or you’ll be forced to jury rig something waiting for Vince to ship you out a new set. It’s a fun boat isn’t it? Pretty quick and very stable-does well in big water too. Enjoy.