Rudder Problems

I have a 14.5 perception carolina (plastic) and when i use the the foot pedal on my left foot it gets hung up halfway. It kind of gets stuck then you have to force it to push all the way down so the runner turns… Is there a way to fix this.

Take a look @ cables…
… check by hand. Then check foot controls for sand / grit. Hose out…

order a custom rudder by ONNO
i hear they are the tops :wink:

Just had the same problem
with my WS Tsunami. The pedals seemed stuck until I put a lot of pressure on them. My dealer said to check the rails the pedals ride on for burrs (found none) and to lubricate them with some white lithium grease. The grease did the trick and the pedals feel smooth as silk now.

Caveat on grease
Any lubricant that leaves a residue, like lithium grease, will hold sand and grit and make a mess that leads to more hangups. Better to clean any offending grit from the system and use a silicone spray inside the cable housing, and maybe on the sliding portions of the pedals. Other lubes that will not attract dirt are graphite powder and parrafin wax.


Same problem
I had the same problem on my Carolina 15.5. Another p-netter said HE had the same problem too, and told me where to find the problem. It is one of the screws catching on the inside sliding bar at the pedals. I removed the screw and found a shorter one, he filed his shorter with a Dremel tool. Stick you head in there and move the pedals and you will see where it is sticking. Obviously it is a design flaw, fitting with the other workmanship shortcomings I have found with the boat. Do your bulkheads leak too?

Occam’s Razor
strikes again.


Problems on a Confluence boat?
Wow…hard to believe! :wink:


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I filed down the bolts towards the front of the boat on the inside which the rudder foot switch was getting hung up on... Not perfect but alot better

You’d think…
You’d think that is something that the factory should have taken care of long before shipping the boats…another example of their amazing level of “Quality control”…hahaha


none of these boats had
dates listed…so because confluence owns perception NOW obviously all perception boats leaked…explains why my corsica matrix leaked…because confluence owns the company 9 years later…yup…that makes sense…

how old?
Just curious how old your kayak is? The older ones never had as many problems as the newer ones…just curious…


2001 America was/is fine
and from the correspondence I recieved from Perception back then it was still Perception operating out of South Carolina and taking some pride in what they were doing.

They sent me a rundown of spare parts one could order for perceptions back then…Wish I’d ordered

a complete set of the button type deck shock cord holddowns…Some%&&$%#% stole everyone of em off the boat while it was on the J racks last weekend.

Called the number given and pretty much got a ‘good luck’ from the representitive I spoke to about getting replacements.

Anyone out there have a spare set??

i know that the EMS in middletown RI has a bag of them in the office drawer…

call them and see what you can get…ask for James 401.846.6766

I have a Perception Sole and recently had rudder problem. When the problem occurred on my most recent outing I just didn’t use it, but I need to fix it before my next trip. The pedals are completely immobile, stuck. As suggested, I am going to give the area a thorough cleaning, but I hesitate to use lubricants. Would it be wise to sand down the relevant surfaces?

First step should be to try to figure out what parts are stuck. If it is the standard rudder with sliding foot pegs that connect by cable to the rudder on the stern, release pressure on the cable (as if you were moving a foot pedal closer to the bow) and then start trying to move each part (foot pedals, rudder, slide cables, etc.) by hand to see what is actually stuck.

Most common seems to be the sliding foot pedals stuck in their tracks. If so, the first step I would do is spray down the pedals and track with high pressure water. Usually that works.

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Picture of them