Rudder Question - Necky Eliza 16

My wife has a Necky Eliza 16’ with a (factory installed, I think) rudder. We bought it from a store, unused. Anyway, when she’s in the cock pit with her feet on the pedals, they are pushed as far out as possible. So, she can’t maneuver the rudder left or right. She is 5’2", so I don’t think she’s too tall for the boat.

So, two questions, actually. First, is it possible to reposition the tracks that the pedals run along so they are a bit farther out? (See pics below - there are probably 6" or so between the end of the track and the bulkhead). Second, does anyone know anyplace in Fairfield County, CT or Westchester County, NY where I can get it done?

If all of the above are no, does anyone want a lightly used Eliza? (Just kidding, she likes the boat. Just frustrating not to have use of the rudder).


If I understand correctly, you wish to move the pedals forward as they are now bottomed out at the position comfortable for your wife? Is there sufficient webbing and/or cable to permit the new position farther away from the rudder? And will the remaining 6 inches allow comfortable leg position and rudder movement? If so, then just move the left and right tracks forward into new holes. You also move tracks higher or lower to better position feet on tracks. You can seal existing holes with stainless hardware or plastic weld or some marine sealant.

That’s really odd that at 5’2" she has the pedals all the way forward. Is it possible that even though the kayak was new maybe someone moved the seat forward or does it have a separate back band that might be set too far forward?

You could probably move the tracks forward a couple of inches. Adapter plates like the Vertical Adjustment Kit from Smart Track might let you avoid drilling new holes:

I don’t know what those pictures are.

Most rudder systems have levers on the pedal or on the track that allows you to adjust the pedals fore and aft . Look behind the pedal.

I rented a Necky Eliza for a day trip in Vancouver some years ago and do remember it since I have rarely used a rudder (and that was the first time with a pedal controlled one) so getting familiar with that set up stuck in my brain. I am 5’ 5" with a long inseam for my size (30") and we adjusted the pedals before launching to be about 3/4 of the way along the track (maybe 2 clicks from maximum extension) for me so this seems like a really weird situation. Something does not add up. Are you sure you have extended the pedals as far as they will go? The foot braces in my kayaks extend beyond the tracks where they are fastened to the hull when at maximum placement.

If you’re confident that the pedals are as far as you can set them, Is she sitting with her legs stretched straight out rather than flexed with her knees up under the gunwales? Is the seat and/or seat back set really far from the back of the cockpit?

I’d take it back to where you bought it and ask them to futz with it. While it is a boat for small to medium women , 5’ 2" should be on the lower range for height.

I have tried an Eliza, some while ago but l am still within a half inch of my height then. I had some room in the pedals.

I agree with the others above, that simply should not be a problem.

One of two possibilities. Either the seat has been moved way forward, and l am not sure if that amount of change is possible. Or she is not sitting with her legs bent to be able to get her thighs/knees under the thigh braces. Or you may not be aware that the track can extend beyond the rail, but frankly at 5’2" she still should not be way far out.

It is possible the track was moved, but you would likely see signs of that. Holes would have been newly made or resealed.

Plz report back after checking out this stuff.

gbm - Just to be sure, you know that you can adjust the pedal position as overstreet said? From your photos you would tighten each strap where you see the loose end dangling in your second photo. That moves the pedals closer to the seat.

Pretty much all kayaks have adjustable foot pegs. It’s just a matter of getting in there with some light to see how it is done. If all else fails, stop by a local kayak shop. I’m sure that they will show you how to do it at no charge.

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Much like rstevens said, get in there and take a look. From the photos is appears that the strap is adjustable. It was on an ancient Necky Zoar I had. The strap was an easy adjustment. Hope that is the case for you.

Thanks. I’m not sure how much farther back the seat can move. I know it’s velcroed to the bottom of the boat, but I’m not sure how the sides are secured. I will take a look. I do think I can move the back band back an inch or two and that might help. I’ll also look at that adjustment kit.

Edit - yes. I know I can adjust the pedal position with the straps. I have done that to center the rudder and to try to bring the pedals further back so she could move the rudder. But the appropriate distances is really right at the end of the track. I will play with the seat and report back.

Celia - I need to set some time aside to get back in there. Thinking about it, though, there is definitely room for the back band to be tightened back, so the seat can also probably be moved back. The pedals are definitely at their farthest point on the rail. The track was definitely not moved - no extra holes. And she is sitting correctly, thighs under thigh braces. I will find some time to look this week and get back to you all. Thanks again.


Sorry for such a long delay. Been a little busy around here. Anyway, the seat won’t move more than a half inch or so due to fixed side points. I could move the back band a bit, but that doesn’t make much difference. She is definitely sitting correctly.

I was not aware the track can extend beyond the rail. In fact, when trying to move the rudder, the pedals (well, one of them) got stuck at the end of the rail. I need to find some time to get back in there and pull the pedals way up toward the seat to see what’s going on down at the far end. Hopefully, I’ll find a fix. If not, it’s back to the store.

Thanks for all your advice.

To be clear, I was making an assumption that the pedal and track are similar to what is in my boats that still have pedals. The latch that clicks down to hold it is forward of the pedal itself by a couple of inches. Not too surprised about the seat position, my recollection was that the seat was not put in there to move much without some work.

But I still don’t understand how anyone your wife’s size can be at the far extended end of the pedal settings in the Eliza if she is seated correctly. She should be within the rail. If you contact the store I suggest having that conversation with them.