Rudder question

I took my new Tsunami 145 out for the first time today and loved it! I do have a problem with the rudder though. Because of my height I need the pegs all the way forward. The problem is I can not operate the rudder because I’m at the far forward limit and I can not move them back any further because my thighs are already hitting the thigh braces. I also can’t move the peg runners forward becuse they are at the bulkhead now. This never occurred to me when I was fitting the kayak. I have never used a rudder before so I was hoping someone had a suggestion on how to make this work.



What kind of system is it ?

good one
Ack. Sounds like what happened to me when i tried to fit into a Nimbus Njak at a demo day. I wonder if you could upgrade the cheap sliding footpegs/rails to the nice gas pedal style from Seaward or Prijon? Seaward’s machined aluminum pieces seem much stronger built than the plastic prijon controls but havent heard of any issues with either, i know the seaward system is great as i used it and absolutely loved it. if i keep my elaho i am getting seaward pegs for it.

Move the rails forward?
Just keep the screws and gaskets in there to cover the hole from the closer ones, and shift the rails forward to a new more forward location. We had that done with my husband’s first RM boat (skegged boat), as well as having mine moved back.

The one issue with this is that you may need a new, longer rudder cable, and I have no idea how complicated that is with the WS system. But a dealer may be able to help you with this part.

2 options
1st off make sure the rudder CABLES are long enough. are the sliders real close to the bulkhead. sometimes they end up messing up this length and it’s EZ as putting longer cables in.

EZ one is move the seat aft. there should be enough room to move the seat back a couple inches w/o a problem. it takes removing the 4 machine screws/ nylocks and then sliding the seat aft and re-drilling the SEAT (NOT the deck) then re-aligning the straps for the Phase 3. you don’t need much articulation to make the rudder work.

The gas pedal style footpegs are the other way to go. you’d have to investigate this one. Your dealer may help you out here.


good advice here…
…(for a minute there, I thought this thread was going to be another endless debate about rudders!)

if you need longer cables they have it at most full service hardware stores but make sure you get the exact same diameter (usually 3/16") & make sure the cable & any extra fittings you need are STAINLESS steel.

Fatbelly / Steve
Q: Are the sliders in those boats like the Keepers that might be simply flipped around to get a couple more inches ???

Seen it before with the keepers and folks do not even realize there might be an option.

my vote would be:
return the boat and get the bigger size…seems like the boat is too small for you…

The 145 IS the bigger size…

the pegs are just short.


no i meant the 16’s

Rails and Fit
It isn’t at all uncommon for a boat that fits a paddler fine to need the rails moved. I have needed them moved back, my husband has needed moved forward, both of these in boats that were properly rated by the manufacturer for our size and weight. Manufacturers have a habit of putting the rails in their best estimate of where the length will be right for most paddlers, which means that there is a percentage of time that it won’t be right.

We have a Tsunami 14.5 in a local skills group that runs on Thursday night, paddled by a young man who is relatively new to the sport but very athletic with great instincts. At this stage of his paddling he’s a lot better than most, certainly better than I was, at the same point. This is my only in-person experience with this boat, but it seems to be very supportive of skills work, and moves well thru the water.

same fit
the Ts-175 (not released yet) will be the same size as the 145 only longer.



Seaward looks to be…
the best option for me. Besides, I really like the design. I would have liked to try them even if there wasn’t the fit problem. I will also try moving the seat back. Moving the rails forward isn’t an option. They are against the front bulkhead already.

Thanks everyone for the input.


Too tall?
Just wondering, how tall are you? I was thinking of getting the 145, haven’t tried fitting the foot pegs yet in the store, guess I better check on that as well :slight_smile:

I’m 6’1, so it’s possible that it could be an issue?