Rudder Rigging Tsunami 175

Question for people who have a rudder on their Tsunami, or have rigged the factory rudder on the Tsunami.

How much pedal travel is required to get from center to full turn?

Meaning how far must the foot peg move to get from center to full turn.

Asking because in looking at the tsunami, I’m trying to figure out with my long legs if I can even use the rudder. I think I can have the pegs max 3" back from the full-forward position.

From watching Confluence’s installation video, it looks like for full turn of rudder, there’s more than 3" of travel in the cable to do that.

In a perfect world, I’d love to only use 2" of travel… but i don’t believe that’ll turn enough.


About 4 inches from neutral

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Just went out on the floor and measured one, and it needs about 2. 5 inches of travel forward to go as far as you CAN go, given the angle of the cable as t approaches the rudder head.

I’ll probably get an argument here, but I hope you do realize that a kayak rudder isn’t for steering unless you’ve got a long tandem or race boat.

It’s there to counteract the wind/current’s effect on the boat so you can maintain a straight course. Same as a skeg.

Bill H.

thanks for the comments.

I just need to be sure how far back from the end of their rails those pedals need to be to make the rudder of any use (short of a never-moving skeg)

my bad calculations
just figured out… i don’t get 3 inches… i get 1.5 or so… when you fully depress one peg, other will come back that much… so i get like 3" play overall, or 1.5 in either direction.

Any suggestions on how to keep the rudder perpendicular to the water on my Tsunami…After a while I will turn around and see that my rudder has exited the water (a little) from drag…

It is not bent or damaged, there is too little friction between the pully and frame I think…

Bought the Tsunami

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