rudder wires crossed

my kayak tracks so poorly (it doesnt track, more like a whitewater boat) that i added a retractable skeg. big improvement. i could drink a beer or take a photo without the inevitable spinout. after a couple of years with the skeg i decided to try a rudder. after i got it all hooked up i made the discovery that all the stuff i learned about turning- press the left foot, lean, raise the right knee to turn right- was backass backward. so did i try to relearn how to turn? not. i crossed the rudder wires so it acts like a skegged or rudderless boat. anyone else do this? pressing the right foot to turn right seems like developing bad habits. no wonder rudders have a bad rap among skilled paddlers

this is a seldom used trick for people who want to edge their boat properly AND use the rudder. Most times the rudder works best when the boat is FLAT to the water and edging isn’t really necessary.

another call for fixed, gas padal style pegs w/ rudders.


hey steve another skeg/rudder
question and thanks i always enjoy your informed opinions. i’m building a pygmy queen charlotte derivative narrowed and lowered and i’m looking at your tempest and other designs similar in concept. do i go ahead and add the skeg box now before the deck goes on or should i do sea trials first to see how it handles?

interesting question.

How does the boat handle, according to others?

I’m not totally familiar with this model.

The skeg box would be ALOT easier to add before decking her, for sure and if you wanted to be 100% sure of tracking POWER, I’d add.

Tho if others say the boat tracks like it’s on rails, I’d see if it needs before adding.

With the Tempest, and other boats in this genre, the boats are generally rockered and loose from the get-go so a skeg is in order.

good luck and hope this helps!


mine is narrower and longer waterline

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so its an unknown, guess i better add the box, i have been playing with the idea of a skeg in a slot at the stern- imagine a 1/8" slot cut 4" into the stern of a greenland style shape, aluminum drop skeg. i guess in the gorge it could be out of the water and ineffective. my conditions here on sc coast are more moderate