ruder rigging

I need some advise. I have a Necky with factory rudder. I need to run new ropes and restore it to working order. Having some trouble getting it right. Need to see a clear picture or diagram on running the lines. Any suggestions? Thanks JP

One goes up forward, the other goes back

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and around...... of sheave.

I hate it…
…when my rigging is rude, so I can see why it would bother you if your rigging got even ruder.

Why don’t you…
Not to be rude, but why don’t you email Necky? Or check out their web-site at least; the pictures there might be enough.


Can’t stand mine…
I have a Looksha IV '02, and I don’t like the rigging a bit. It’s difficult to reach, operate, and there is no adjustment for keeping tension on the up/down rope, or on the foot pedals (except foot pressure, of course).

I’ve seen a similar rigging on a newer Current Designs that I’m going to look at more closely before I do modifications.

I’m thinking of adding a length of bungee in the up/down rope, possibly eliminating the rope cleat.

Perhaps a bit of bungee to pull the foot pegs back to “home” position.

Anyone have experience with this?