Ruined a perfect record

I finally had time to get back up to Gross Res. for a bit of fishing this summer. This place is beautiful, steep, and deep. Its not too far from home, but a sort of rough road on the approach and not very big parking area to off-load. (That’s good as it keeps the population down.)

The lake has some big fish down deep, but I paddled over to the inlet and eddied in to some rocks beside the current. I saw some rises in the water and looked in my fly box for something that might work. The choice, Adams Irresistible in a size 16. I tied it on a 4x tippet, added a drop of floatant, and off into the current it went. It drifted along and BUMP! Oops, wasn’t ready for that so soon. The next bump brought in a 10" rainbow. A few casts later, another. A few more bumps and on it went for awhile. Some other fishermen came along and looked for a place to set up. Well, I’d had my fun so surrendered the spot and paddled off to explore the shore line. The record? Until last Thursday, I had never caught a thing in that lake. I’ll be back.

That’s a good record to break
Funny how we make casts and aren’t ready to manage it. I do that all the time. Not a good plan. If you’re not mentally prepared to watch the fly, don’t cast until you are. Wish I could follow my own advice.

Glad you caught something and had a good time doing it.

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Perfect way to break a record.

you can never know a body of water …
… too well . There’s always something new you discover about the what , when , were and how’s of fishing it .

In most every case once that little tid bit is learned/discovered , it is repeatable in that body of water , even if only seasonal or condition specific .

All these learned/discovered tid bits add up to quite a large bag of tricks over the years , and make for some exciting fishing when all the stars are aligned … good on ya !!

My theory is to get a thumb on the pulse of a particular fish species in aparticular location , and catch as many as I can when they are at thier hottest .

Well, I’m either a
glutton for punishment or an incurable optimist. If something doesn’t work fishing I try something else until I run out of time or interest. I have found some methods and holes that work better than others and know that I can satisfy that quest for success when I need a break from experimenting. For me its mostly about being there. My family won’t eat any fish that doesn’t come from a cellophane wrapper so what I keep I enjoy myself.