Rum River?

Has anyone here paddled the Rum River in Minnesota from Milacs lake to the Mississippi River? How are the camp sites and how long did it take to complete?

I live
on the rum river & have paddled from lake Onamia to Princeton, MN many times… There’s a couple of good water campsites. The one just before county Rd 4 landing south of Milaca is a great site. There’s another one north of Milaca just south of the rest stop landing (haven’t camped there though) Beware of the dam at Milaca. It’s not huge, but you can get in trouble. Easy portage. Haven’t run all the way to the Mis cause it’s suburban after princeton. The run from lake Onamia to the rest stop landing is about 15 river miles & is a fun run with few houses-mostly goes through state forest land. Or you can run it to the county rd 4 landing-another 6 miles or so. Lots of class I in normal flows, class II at higher levels.

If you’re interested in running a stretch this spring, & doing some camping let me know & I’ll give you my email, phone # & me & my paddling buddy will make a run with you if you want some company. Water is crystal clear. Here’s a link. Just click on “view map” it shows landings & campsites.

Rum River?
Thanks for the input. I have not put anything together yet. My son maybe available depending on his new job situation. I will keep your offer in mind.

Buncha rum runners.

a few
things if you decide to run the Rum with just yourself & your son. Just downriver from lake onamia, there is an old tressle bridge still standing, there’s a sharp turn when going under it. Many swims there as it’s hard to avoid and is a fast section. I mentioned the dam at Milaca-do not try to run it. Campsite just up river from the county rd 4 landing a mile or so is easy to miss. It’s marked, but the sing is small & it’s right in the middle of some rapids. Look for a 15’ rock wall on river right. Then you should be able to see the sign. Large boulder downriver from campsite just before cty rd 4 landing makes for a good play hole at higher levels. The rum can be run all year with normal rainfalls, but is way fun in the spring after the melt. Fast with class I-II rapids.