Rumour by CD

Saw but didn’t get a chance to paddle an actual CD built Rumour in Tacoma. It looks like they’ve added a lot of volume all over that boat. I was able to squeeze my 200 lb. rear end into it, which makes me think it’s a very different boat from what Nigel Foster designed years ago.

Anyone actually paddled this who has also paddled an older Rumour?

Wonder if will take a size 10 foot… might make a nice day boat… 44lbs just makes it into my requirement.

sat in one at Canoeacopia this spring. 5’11" 205# and size 11-12 feet depending on the shoe

I believe I could paddle the rumour…soon as I find a demo on water…

best wishes


Paddled CD version only.
Keep in mind, this was a flat water demo by a 160#, 5’7" male. Twitchy, quick to accelerate, seems to hit the speed wall too early for my taste, rolls and braces easily and predictably. I could balance brace it without straining. Feels like my old school WW boat, but less initial stability. Back deck is low, but the backband was overfirm. I could still touch my shoulder blades to the back deck with a little effort. Thigh braces fit well, but the cockpit could have been shorter. The bow is higher volume. Foot room was fine for 10.5W feet in water socks only. In my mind, this boat seems made for surfing the Outer Banks/ tidal races and exploring convoluted shorelines in rough seas.


I’ve paddled both. numerous times on the original, a couple on the CD.

it fit me fine. 5’10-175 sz 10.5

fun boat. no further comments. :slight_smile:


I wondered about it
seems to me for a small person it needs a lower deck

Us bigger people…
… need a little fun too…

That’s why I paddle
a Shadow. If you’re a “medium” person, maybe the Legend.

Back Deck Height Is Low Enough

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I had no problem doing a layback roll with the Rumour. It's a pretty stable boat for smaller (and more experienced) folks. Certainly more primary stability than my SOF.

The front does have more volume. I suspect to bob more over waves and to minimize pearling. Can't say for sure, since I only got into one at a pool session. Didn't take out in waves or anything.


I was thinking for 5’2" person

I Think The Seat Is Hung High…
'cause I don’t remember any impression that the foredeck would be a problem.


Say it isn’t so…
I thought the Rumour was a REAL smaller paddler’s boat - top paddler weight around 120 pounds - just perfect for 4’11" me! I have been champing at the bit to demo it - cleared a credit card and everything! And you’re saying it fits a medium-sized person?? Drat!

One medium sized man’s day boat…
is another, small sized woman’s do-all touring boat. DEFINITELY give this boat a try! In the end, only you will know how it fits you and your style.

How was the thigh bracing?

Still Lowest Volume Production Boat
short of getting one of the G-style boats from Japan. Here’s a pic of my SOF next to the Rumour (belonging to Brian N’s SO):


Thanks, Sing
Your SOF is pure elegance! And the Rumour does look good! I’m hoping that there’s one to demo at GLSKS or Ladies.

have one on the list for GLSKS

Best Wishes


Size 10
I’m a size 10 and was able to get my feet in barefoot (didn’t try shoes b/c didn’t want to get the boat sandy inside).

Just tried the new one
Haven’t connected with one of the original ones. But I had a chance to mess around a little with the new one by CD this weekend. My other boats are an NDK Explorer LV and a P&H Vela, so I’ve been somewhat spoiled in terms of narrower cockpits and, in the case of the LV, an extremely well sized cockpit with low deck and pretty clear thigh braces. I’m 5’4", 135 pounds.

I’d say I was about the right weight for the boat - after talking to a couple of heavier guys who had found they were constantly bracing, it behaved pretty nicely for me as far as being willing to stay upright on turns etc. It does so even more actively than the Silouhette though - it’ll rock very enthusiastically and fast to a pretty deep stability point. I think it’d take some real time in the saddle to be able to stay relaxed in conditions.

The cockpit fit was actually surprisingly OK considering that this design seems to have not at all gotten the point of aggressive thigh braces. While I really was just sticking my legs under the edges of an otherwise round point under the coaming, it was narrow and short enough in length that I had good control for sculling and rolling.

However, I am five inches taller than you. And I was thinking that there’d have to be some buildup out from the coaming to get the thigh brace situation both comfy and more solid for a long day in the stuff. Your likely shorter thigh length may require more extensive work to get functional thigh braces in this boat.

Thanks, Celia!
I appreciate your input. I’ll just have to wait and see. I really shouldn’t get another boat this year - STILL remodeling the house - but a “small paddlers” boat is hard to resist. It would have to fit, though. I’m interested in Patrick’s Mermaid, of course. I KNEW I should have ordered an Elan (before Mariner went out of business) instead of that new roof!!!