Runaway Container Ship in Charleston Harbor

The Ravenel Bridge was temporarily closed, and walkers and bikers picked up and driven off the bridge. The throttle was stuck at full speed and the ship was doing 15 knots with a huge wake I believe a couple of people were thrown from their boat. Loading docks, Navy and commercial ships were also put into danger of a collision.
Here is a video link to how things happened with a satellite view of the Cooper River and Charleston Harbor with the AIS of the ships during the same time frame.
(1) MSC Michigan VII’s Stuck Throttle Sends the Containership Speeding Out of Charleston - YouTube

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At least they could steer it. :wink:

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One of the reasons I keep looking behind be at approaching freighters (and I’m paddling well outside the channel).
While I know the likelihood of getting hit by lightning is much higher, the probability is still greater than zero that it will go off course and slam into me.

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To avoid a freighter bearing down on you at 15 knots you’ll need a strong tailwind, a favorable tidal current, and a mega shot of adrenaline. :scream:

New Panamax ships have a beam up to 168.4’ so you only need to paddle 84.2’ to get out of its way. :wink: Why anyone would be paddling in front of any commercial ship in a channel is baffling to me.

Raisins…might be some interesting surf opportunities on that bow wave. Maybe better than the Mayport Pilot boat.

Zambonis of the sea,
meant to glide along and smooth as ice.
Madness a loose wheel, all ahead is to keel.
Skates on edge catch in channeled not nice.

hmm, I see the dolphins doing it all the time, maybe I should join them (for those that don’t know otherwise, I am certainly kidding )

Surf the wake :joy:

And the prop wash!

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The odd thing with the newest large commercial ships is that they are designed to leave little wake as the hull shapes are more efficient. The tugs leave much bigger wakes in most cases.