Running Light

Just received as a gift a running light and flush mount bracket. Was going to install it and thought I would ask if anybody has one on their kayak and thought later 'I should have put it there instead".

Was planning on putting the bracket just behind the rear hatch, but thought it may be better just ahead of it in case I wanted to reach it without going ashore.

Any advantage of being installed above the hatch compartment or the cockpit as I have to drill a hole to mount it??

Any thoughts??

The closer the light is to your back the more bugs go for a ride there.


– Last Updated: Jul-12-06 6:35 PM EST – just made up my mind. Never thought of the little buggers.

What color running light?

White light
Not real sure but I think colored lenses are available.

I don’t know what kind of paddling you do but if you paddle with others it will night blind anyone behind you and drive them crazy. You may find yourself perpetually in the rear out of defense. If you are alone in high traffic areas it’s a good idea.

Mostly we use the small headlamps worn around our necks and just flip them over our shoulder if we need a back light.

Every situation is different so do what you feel is safe.

I’ll be doing
very little paddling at night, and when I do I’ll probably be alone in an area where there could be power boats. No problem to stay out of their way unless they take a course they don’t usually follow.