Russian River Put-ins??

9/12/08 Going camping next weekend in Guerneville,(No.Cal) and want to do some kayaking. Anybody know of put-ins upstream to end at johnson Beach??

Can you put-in at Burkes and leave a car there for the day??


I’m not sure where but I bet there’s a public put in there. I think there’s a couple private drives just south of Forestville where you could drop the canoe then park in town,fuzzy memory on the details,it was a long while back.

response from a BASKer
I had asked a similar question a while back on the BASK (Bay Area Sea Kayaker) email lost. One response provide some input on this stretch, but not a lot of details on launch points:

“The fourth section is from Steelhead Beach in Forestville to Monte Rio. The important part of this section is that right after entering Guerneville you will be going around a slow bend to the left and see a large grassy knoll on the right Above that knoll is a group of buildings, the one on the right has an outdoor patio which you can just make out. It’s the Russian River Brew Pub and it’s worth the stop to hydrate. Takes about 4 to 5 hours. They sell beer at the beach in Guerneville and Monte Rio also. There is two takeouts, one in Guerneville and just below it. Both are on the right.”

Along while back
Forestville was Hippie Haven. If it was that far back no wonder things are fuzzy.

Russian River put ins…
a little late, sorry, but Steelhead as mentioned, Guerneville beach but pay to park a block away, Monte Rio bridge–easy put-in and paddle in deeper water, to Duncan’s Mill or on to Jenner. Above Steelhead or Burkes it’s iffy because the river is so low from zip rain. If you go again, head closer to the ocean (no portaging),but go early as winds are up by 11-ish; also check your tide tables to ride it either way. OR rent at Jenner and putz around the mouth chatting to seals and pelicans! Paddle on!