Ruston's "Wee Lassie"

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Anyone ever built one old school style, like the first one? I see them in composite, Royalex, stripper, and stich and glue. Who knows how to build them with copper tacks and tightly fitting joints? Can you suggest a book? I need a challenge for a winter shop project. Mike

"the life and times of Henry Rushton" Manitowac WI public library

Atwood Manley
If this is the Atwood Manley book, I have it. The instructions are far from comprehensive.

Wee Lassie
Try the Adirondack Museum where they display the original and demonstrate traditional boat building skills. They are currently working on a guide canoe as a living history demonstration. They employ excellent boat builders/interpreters. They also offer classes from time to time I believe.

Some Guy In Florida…
There is, or was, a guy down on the west coast of Florida who specializes in making a canoe very similar to the Wee Lassi. He has a web site. Wish I cloud remember more, but…

Some guy in Canada

Here’s his take on the clinch-nailed cedar lapstraked Wee Lassie:

I have one, it’s a hoot to paddle.

Building Lapstrake Canoes by Walt Simmons, gonna order it.

It looks like an S+G ply-boat. Is it?

No, Eastern white cedar planks.
I don’t think Harry even knows what plywood IS.

He’s a bit…old school. :slight_smile: