Rusty NSI backband

I purchased an NSI backband about a year ago to retrofit my VCP Nordkapp.

It did wonders to increase the comfort, but about a week ago I noticed that the ratcheting hardware is badly rusted. It wasn’t completely frozen, but I had to apply WD40 to get it to function (somewhat) smoothly.

Has anybody dealt with NSI customer service. Is this the kind of thing they will take responsibility for or am I on my own.

I don’t expect a backband to last forever, but 1 year?

What is rusted?
If it is just the pivot rivets, they’ll probably tell you to go out and get some marind stainless screws and replace the rivets.

Not a bad idea.

pivot rivets?
It’s the rivets that hold the clips on the buckle that the ratch band goes through.

I don’t think they’re replacable by themselves but I’ll look more closely.

If a rivet can do it
then probably a screw with a locking nut can do it.

Try NSI if things go badly. I bet they would treat you OK.