RV Owners

A couple of weeks ago I was cussing while trying to gaslines to my LP tanks because of the lack of space to fit the wrench. Then I thought to try my basin wrench. Smart move. It’s by far the best tool for tightening fittings onto gas tanks. If you don’t know what a basin wrench is it has spring loaded jaws and a swivel head working on sink fittings. You work it much the same way you would a ratchet.

I use a ford wrench
This also comes in handy for other things because I can adjust the size.


New tanks
My trailer has the new tanks with fittings that tighten by hand. A lot nicer than the old ones which are no longer legal. You must have a motorhome with permanent tanks.

Mine are the new OPD
I changed the valve on one tank to an OPD (new) because some states reconize the OPD requirement (not law) while others do not. My tanks are aluminum so I could not see replaceing the tanks ($185.00 each). If you ever do change the valve please remember there is a difference between the valve for aluminum and steel tanks.

And yes I’ll be switching the gas lines from the cross over to the tanks with lines that can be tightened by hand.


mine has lay-down tanks that are…
…exempt from the OPD requirement but it is a nightmare to get them filled because nobody knows that. Even with papers explaining the exemption most places still refuse to fill them.