RV rack systems

We have two Pygmy Artic Terns and recently bought a small RV. We are trying to figure out how to transport the boats on top of the RV. I haven’t seen any rack/loading systems that look like they would work very well except for one $800 loader with electric motors and side arms that is too expensive and complex. The RV is 10.5 feet tall and getting a kayak up over the back would be difficult.

Has anyone designed or bought a system that would work for this application?

What kind of RV?
Tag trailer, 5th wheel trailer, Motorhome? Can you walk on the roof? Some are not rated for a load or walking. Do you have enough clear space on the roof to place the kayaks? Do you have an access ladder, luggage rack? Have you checked for low verticle clearance in your area. At 10’5" adding kayaks could make your rig too high.

Trailers work well to keep sand and scrathes and muscle strains away. And you have a place for wet stuff or maybe a couch when not using for boats. Storage is the problem but some trailers fold up or go vertical.

whay not get a rack for the TOW vehicle if its NOT a self powerd one, also if you put your yacks on the RV that menas you will have to move the RV every time you want to take your yacks to the water.