What is the difference between a Penobscot 16 and a Penobscot 16RX (Old Town), and should it be a concern?

The RX denotes Royalex
Old Town also makes a canoe in three layer polyethylene that is 16’ 4" but they call that the Penobscot 164.

I suspect a boat called the Penobscot 16 would also be the Royalex version, but if you are looking at a specific boat to buy that someone has called a Penobscot 16 I would check.

The Royalex version, being lighter and less prone to deformation would definitely be preferable to the poly version. I think the Royalex version also has a bit more arch to the hull cross section.

That’s right
The Penobscot 164 is poly and the RX is royalex. Royalex is the better material as pblanc said.

The tendency of poly hulls to distort

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with time can be dealt with by putting vertical minicell foam struts between the thwarts and the bottom. Of course, this adds a bit of weight, and poly hulls are already heavier than Royalex.

Three layer poly is also harder to repair than Royalex, but both materials are sufficiently sturdy that most owners will never face a repair.

I notice you paddle down in Louisiana. I do too, when visiting my daughter in Nawlins. I still would prefer Royalex for the bayous, but a poly Penobscot would be less of a disadvantage there, as long as you can carry it to and from the water.

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