S Adk canoe rte

Here’s an outline of an 80 mile+/- S Adk rte my wife & I completed 5-15 thru 5-23. Although passing thru a few civilized areas this is mostly a very remote rte & allows a considerable extention of the more established rtes to the N

Arietta - Blue Mt Lake

Down W branch Sacandaga

Up Pisceco outlet thru lake

Up Fall stream to Vly Lake

Rough carry to Fawn Lake

EZ carry to Sacandaga Lake

Ascend Burnt Place brook to Mud Lake

Long but EZ carry thru IP land to Mossy Vly Brook

Down Mossy Vly & Jessup R to Indian Lake

Thru Indian, Abanakee, & Adirondack L to Cedar R

Descend Cedar River to Rock River

Up Rock R thru Rock Lake to Lake Durant

Carry from L Durant to Blue Mt L & established rts


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I cant wait to get out my map and trace the route!!! If you get time to write, I would love to read the details.

Camping locations
Where did you camp along the way? I expect the most civilization was around the Sacandaga. Were there stretches that would be good weekend trips without alot of people? Always looking for a new paddle trip.

Add. info
Nights 1&2 we camped on W branch Sac. below Pisceco outlet & above gorge.(Hiked down & back thru very scenic gorge on Day 2)

Night 3 was on sublime Vly L

Camp 4 on Fawn L (spent from rough carry from Vly)

Nights 5&6 spent where Dug Mt falls drops into Indian L (Some maps show this as picnic site but it was pre-season & not posted against camping)Camp 7 @ Pashley Falls on Cedar R

Final night spent on Rock L

As we only passed thru far NW end of Sacandaga L (fron Fawn into Burnt Place brook) saw none of development that surrounds remainder of it’s shore

Pisceco, Indian, Abanakee, & Adirondack lakes also have development. Remainder of rte is remote & would offer seclusion

Will work on a trip report

Jessup Rv.
Awesome route, I like that area of the Dak’s. Were there any sign of moose in the Jessup River area?

Trip Report yet???
Glen…would love to see it…Yours are always great to read…whats next?

Too busy paddling
To be honest haven’t even given a thought to trip report as yet. Weather’s been too nice not to be outside enjoying it & my new-found freedom (retired day before we began that S Adk trip)

Hope to put up a thread later on yesterday’s adventure