S.E. Florida- surf skis

I will be in Homestead (between Miami and Key Largo) from 2/14 through 2/21. I am thinking of buying a boat to keep in Florida (my folks house). I paddle a Thunderbolt at home (S.E. PA.). I would like to try out some surf skis. Probably a Mako XT or similar, but I would like to try a Millenium or similar before deciding. Is there anyone that owns one of these that would be interested in demoing it or paddling for a day? Is anyone aware of a shop that would rent or demo ski’s near Homestead. Thanks, Cliff

Contact Bruce Gibson
at Venturesports. His web site is http://www.venturesport.com/

If you are driving thru Jacksonville, Fl., you are welcome to try my Mako XT. I’m selling it in order to get a faster ski. Regardless, Bruce is a great guy. I bought my ski from him. His boats are in Boca Raton, Fl. I am sure he will let you try both the Mill. and XT. I think he is also about to start importing several other skis from S. Africa. Good luck! Franklin

Bruce’s place is in Boca (Boca Raton) in southern Palm Beach County, about 83 or so miles north of ‘Homestead’. Florida Bay Outfitters (FBO)is considerably closer, south of Homestead about 25 miles south at MM 104 on the Florida Bay side of the Overseas Highway, US 1.

Bruce specializes in skis and racing kayaks and the like. Our fiberglas Isthmus SOT came from him (via Grayhawk). Definitely one of “the” people to speak with about skis.

FBO doesn’t specialize in these, but has at least one, and possiblyb a few, for sale. Greg there at the shop is a also an excellent guy to discuss skis and fitness paddling with -besides just being a good guy, period. He owned (owns?) one or two, and can help you out.

ANywhere else in Miami will have to be a private party -other paddling shops in Mia i-Dade are not shops per se, only the paddling sections of bigger sports operations (Peter Glenn of Vermaont, Sports Authority, Ft. Lauderdale Sports).

There’s a few paddling shops in Broward & Palm Beach Counties that MIGHT be able to help you -Waterways Kayaks in Hollywood, Adventure Time in North Palm Beach, and Bruces’s Venturesports.

Good luck in your search! Hope you find a nice boat or ski -and a nice place to store itr, and nice places down here to


-Frank in Miami

try posting on yahoo group:


there is also a guy who goes by dogtessa on the group in venice(don’t know how far that is from you) who usually has skis to try or buy.


Thanks guys.
I am heading to the airport tonight. Thanks for the help. Cliff