S&G Canoe Plans...

I’d really love a Rapidfire for Christmas, but in these economically hard-pressed times, I’m not about to pony up the big bucks for one (and neither is Santa, from what I can tell–eventhough I been a really good boy.) That said, I’m seeking recommendations for a plywood touring canoe of somewhat similiar specs (at least 15’ and in the neighborhood of 26-30" in beam.)

I go both ways: Single blade paddle or kayak-a-doublin’.

I’ll gladly pay for plans/book, but don’t want to buy a pre-cut kit: It’s winter, I got the time, I got the tools and a load of 4-8mm ply from another job.

Do any plans for such a canoe exist out there, that paddles nice, is lightweight (45lbs or under) and does not look, um, dorky?

Try The KBBB
The Kayak Building Bulletin Board is where the DIYers hang out - while the focus is kayaks, there’s also a few poor benighted souls who have this fixation with canoes. I’ve definitely seen threads dealing with canoes - someone there will know the best place to check out S&G plans…

BTW, FWIW - a friend who builds both S&G and strip kayaks did a strip canoe - said it wasn’t a difficult build, as the hull shape is less challenging than a kayak. It allows you to get the traditional rounded hull lines - with S&G, you’ll have to have chines, which is fine if you don’t mind the odd strange look from the uninitiated…

Swift Osprey

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You can get plans for a Swift Osprey S&G. I don't know if you can get them from Green Valley or if you have to get them directly from John.

Look at JEM watercraft.
This is a good looking boat.


Matt will make you some plans if you want something different.

S&G Osprey

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(see more photos in the album)

This is an early version built when John Winters was just getting the hang of converting plans to plywood. The original plans had some problems, and he ended up working with the folks at Newfound Woodworks to have them cut out a replacement set of panels for me. I don't know how this compares to the version currently offered by Green Valley. The website doesn't have details on the design, but I was sent a set of the new plans a couple of months ago. call or Email Green Valley and ask about them.

Despite the low freeboard I've had it out in whitecaps with no problems. It's a bit big for me (5'9", 160) to paddle empty, but it's been great for carrying a big dog. It scoots right along with a double-blade paddle. Tracks well but turns nicely with an outside edge.

Th tumblehome on the sheer panel is nice for paddling, but it made it harder to glass the inside and attach the gunwales.

Might Check Out B&B Yacht Designs
at http://www.bandbyachtdesigns.com/. Has some nice looking and light weight S&G designs that are apparently pretty easy to build. Should move well as designer is efficiency/speed oriented. I’m doing one of their small sailboats this spring. Well regarded plans and excellent support. Very helpful forum at http://www.messing-about.com/. R

Beautiful job, Angstrom!
And thanks for the good tips guys…I’ll review each in detail.

Anybody care to gimme a breakdown on the performance potential of this one?:


Check. (nm)