"s" hooks = priceless

I had customized several nylon straps for use with my truck’s Yakima bars, and they were recently stolen from the vehicle. I had taken some rubber padded Yakima cam buckles and attached just the right lengths of nylon to carry both kayaks and canoes either on foam blocks or in the J cradles. The beauty of these straps was that I had come across some coated “s” hooks (actually squared on the strap end)that were larger in diameter than the standard 1" size. These hooks fit directly over the bar itself. I can’t find any to begin the project of replacing the ideal straps. If I sound obsessed, sorry. Once you’ve got loading and unloading multiple boats down to an exact and safe foolproof science you can’t go back. I’d appreciate any help in finding more hooks.

Try McMaster-Carr. www.mcmaster.com

how about?

Has all sorts of hooks and hardware.

“s” hooks
I shop there a lot. They have the standard sized hook.

“s” hooks
Tried them first. That’s where I got some great stuff for my kayak trailer.


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this is off-topic but I carry perfect-length tie-down ropes on my rack full time and have expect them to be stolen at some point. Where was the vehicle when this theft occurred? At a take-out, or random spot?


At my daughter’s hockey practice in a lighted parking lot. They were in a truck box, where they’ve spent the best part of the last six years. No, they weren’t locked up. I’ve purchased some new uncoated hooks from Bulldog and had them shipped since no-one could find any large hooks either. I plan to heat them, rebend them around a larger pipe, cuss a lot, and dip them myself.