S.O.T. - W.S. Tarpon 120 or Prowler 13?

I’ve read the reviews and both the Tarpon and the Prowler seem to rate high. I’d like some feedback from others who have used or own these kayaks. I’ll be doing lake and coastal day touring with some fishing. I’d also like a boat that is good in light surf conditions and fun in the waves. Thanks for suggestions on these or other SOTs. Also - has anyone out there had any experience with the Bic Scapa?

go with the T-160 unless you are ONLY using it to surf waves…

Group Paddles?
If you plan on paddling with mixed groups having a 16’ boat is a good idea.

If mostly you paddle solo, and don’t care much about speed, it doesn’t make as much difference

It looks like the Tarpon 140 may be my best bet… In the middle of the 120 and 160. Thanks for your input.

ask your question…
over at paddle-fishing.com. Mostly a Tampa Bay site, but good feedback from owners of both SOT’s.