s. western nh area quiet water

looking for some suggestions to some ponds or lakes that we might want to paddle when we’re up in the washington/hillsborough area in july. have been on at least 30 different lakes and ponds in the area but maybe someone knows of some others we might want to check out. not against heading further north or east just as day trips. love the area just like finding more new places to paddle. any ideas anyone? promise not to give up your secret places! maybe i can let you know some nice areas that we’ve enjoyed so far.

Just south of Hillsboro County is the …
Nashua River in Massachusetts. A classic tale of environmentalist-assisted river recovery. Clean water, great paddling, abundant wildlife, relatively little commercial activity. Good launch sites are at the Route 119 crossing in Groton/Pepperell – 3 miles downstream through some very interesting inlets and islands to a dam, and at least 5-6 miles upstream past mostly uninhabited river bank. Send me an e-mail if you want more details or a guide.

If you haven’t done these yet
Nubanusit Lake to Spoonwood Pond back to Nubanusit loop in Hancock

Hopkington Everett Resevoir/Lake in Hopkington

A little further north is Grafton Pond in Grafton

What are some of your recommendations of what you have paddled out there?

Lots of water nearby
I am guessing that you want to do short flatwater trips.

Here are some nice bodies of water within like 30 minutes or so of Washington.

Grafton Pond - Dont bother on the weekends but it is still pretty nice when nobody is there.

Nubasnusit Lake and Spoonwood Lake Very close to where you are. Definitely worth a look.

Pillsbury State Park Ponds - Three small ponds with short portages in between. Very pretty.

Sunapee Lake - A large lake with far too many summer homes and potentially very windy but still pretty.

Connecticut River - http://www.crjc.org/boating/boating1.htm

I use to swim at Mascoma lake when I was younger but havent been there for a long time. I have never paddled there.

Hope that helps a little.

If you head east for a spell you could go over to Squam Lake. It is a larger body of water and prone to nasty afternoon winds but it is beautiful. It will be crowded on the weekends.

The Merrimack River from Franklin to Penacook aint bad.

Parts of the Blackwater River are flat and doable during the summer. There are very few houses along the banks but access can be a little tricky.

If the Pemigiwasset River has water you could make a fine day trip from Woodstock to Campton.

Thanks Harvey
I was trying to decide where to paddle this AM when I remembered this post and that I’d never paddled from Groton to Pepperel before.

It is quite pretty. First time I’ve seen an Osprey hunting! Poor guy wasn’t doing any better than the fishermen though.