Saco River Canoe?

Does anybody have experience with this 16’6" canoe that was built in the 80’s and later built by Lincoln? Was known to be a very fast canoe for the rec class of racing, but didn’t know how it would handle various water conditions or serve for other purposes like family use, solo paddling and or a little fishing.

No, but I can guess with authority.
If it was fast in rec class, it will not be nimble in whitewater. It will be a tolerable solo cruiser on lakes or flattish river, though being a speck long for solo, it may blow around some. It will be fine for fishing if there is nothing wrong with one’s sense of balance. It will probably be OK in heavy lake water if not overloaded.

Thanks, are there any boats
on the market today that you think might be very similar to the SRC in feel and on water characteristcs?