Hi Kids ! the 4th is around the bend, time for a case of brew, rafts and the new Walmart kayaks…

Only if you want to wind up in jail
If you read the article right Datakoll you will note that behavior is no longer tolerated

There are fines for BUI and you can have your drivers license suspended

But the two Saco River police boats from the Fryeburg PD would love to give you a personal ride

I do like to do the Saco River Watershed clean ups. We get a lot of neat stuff that people somehow forgot

We got a bat and a complete set of bases once from the local high school . The principal was quite surprised to learn where I found them

2 DAYS !


you can go to …

I can go to the Saco River
Why would I go to google it when I can paddle it within 15 minutes?

A Maine Recipe for bat ?

Wal Mart kayaks give hallucinations?
Where can I get one?

“Don’t use the Brown Kayaks!”

who is the… ?

who can he be ?

let the good times roll …

we’re looking for the blotter
but first

no blotter
was advised current records are unavailable preventing embarrassment of locals …

whiteout !

so either the patrol minimized Saco’s Party est at 2000 and the party cruised.

Biz was up. No comment on beer sales nor drug busts leading us to believe wvwryone went sober.


4 tons
The 2nd Annual Saco River Trash Drive sponsored by the Saco River Salmon Club and Hatchery will be two days long. Last year’s drive resulted in the collection of about 3 tons of trash and debris removed from the three-mile stretch of river. This year’s drive will start at Rotary Park Boat Launch in Biddeford and clean the stretch of river from Bar Mills to the Cataract Dams. Preregistration is required. For more information or to preregister, email or call 603-915-0651

SHOCKING! …So Shocking…Beyond

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Belief! Drug possession on the Saco...Oh My. What is this world turning into....??? YAWN..*U$&^T)$U
And most amazing were the 80mm+_underfoot waterskis(didn't I see in one of the pics..y/n?)

One ton
Per mile…Prob cheating with wet trash