Sad news - Greyhawk

Just received message from Frank Barron:

Our (and JackL’s, too) long-term paddling and personal good friend, Rick “Greyhawk” Bartoli, died Sunday night after a long marathon with cancer. It had metastisized enough that it was just “cancer” at this point, and he succumbed to combined,long-term complications of both the disease and treatments. We cut short our vacation in Ohio and drove back early but didn’t have a chance to see him before he shipped his paddle for good in Key Largo.

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I have enjoyed his wit, humor, and knowledge. I would have loved to have paddled with him. Wish his friends and family their best memories of him to help ease the grief.

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He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
We spoke with him Saturday night and he knew he was going and wanted to extend his love to all his friends
He suffered way too long and now is in a much better place.

Jack L


Sad news indeed, I’ve greatly enjoyed his posts through many years. Glad to have had the chance to have known him, if just through the internet.

He paddled and journeyed ahead. Will catch up with up him at some point. My thoughts to his family and friends.



So sorry that you all lost such a wonderful friend. He was a lovely person. Only met him once but that shined through.

I am also sorry to hear that he spent time in an unhappy place due to the progression of his cancer. But he is free now.

May he Rest In Peace. I said his name out loud while I was out on the water today.

God bless

I had the opportunity to paddle and hang out with him one day. A great guy and a loss to his many friends.

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This is truly a sad loss for the paddling community.

RIP, Greyhawk

I am so sorry to learn of Grayhawk’s passing. He was such a good guy.

I never met him and wish I had; I enjoyed his point of view. Cancer is so cruel and he endured it with grace.

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Sad news indeed. I never met him but his “voice” on this board was always that of a gentleman and experienced paddler. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends.

RIP Greyhawk! He was one of the old timers from 20 years ago. Always shared his knowledge and was a gentleman as well. He will be missed

Whenever Greyhawk spoke, I listened.

RIP Greyhawk. You were one of the good guys. Sympathy to all of your loved ones.

Fair winds and following seas forevermore.

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