Saddle Question for Greyak

Hey Greyak, are you still using those Saris saddles? If memory serves, you said that the saddle tilts for side loading, is that correct?

Also, did you have to get any mounting hardware to fit them on the Saris racks?


Saris saddles fits Saris rack - no tools
No other hardware at all. They are custom fit for the bar/track - and just slide in and tighten down with a built in adjustment wheel. They won’t fit other racks.

Hard to explain briefly - easy to see. Try to google up some pictures. They’re weird looking - and plastic bases and skinned foam cradles might seem light cheap compared to clunky metal - but design makes sense as soon as you use it.

Loved mine - but didn’t fit the A3 so I now use a custom rack for it from Audi (only fits the A3 - made by Mont Blanc - and I use their Sydney #8 saddles).

I miss the saddle tilt (minor, but made things easier on/off) - and ease of repositioning the Saris saddles (big difference and PITA now - so I’ve just found a default position to fit everything OK vs. repositioning for each boat) - and am not too keen on the single wingnut saddle attachment this new system has - but all in all a good and VERY strong rack, and the new saddles are grippy and kind to hulls. In those regards it’s “close enough” so I’ve stopped bitching/missing the Saris so much.

Could You Side Load?
Were you able to side load with the Saris gull wings when you used them? By the way, if you still have the cradles, I may be interested in buying them, if you want to sell them.


I can side load with just about any rack
I buy cars with relatively low roof lines! My heaviest kayak is under 50 lbs. Pretty rare I load any other way.

The tilt was just nice as I could sort of roll the kayak up on it’s side and closer too me before lifting off - reverse when setting down into the saddles. They were not in my way and I didn’t have to lift over and past them them like I do with current saddles.

Sorry, rack and saddles are gone now.

Thanks Much!