Safe canoe for my dog and I?


I have been searching for a canoe that is stable enough to hold my 70lb. dog and myself. I weigh 185lbs, but would also like the option of bringing the wife. The canoe will be used in pond, slow rivers, and maybe on lake when calm. Any suggestions on model and type would be great. My research has stated to purchase a freeboard style canoe.

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Big Boat
Most any big stable canoe will do, think 15 to 17 ft with a wide beam and fairly flat bottom. Something like a Mad River Explorer 16.

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i do well in my penobscott with two shepherds, but i haven't been out with another person, just them and myself.. one of em went on a 17 mile day long trek with me last weekend..whatever you get, make sure you use it plenty and are comfortable first, the dog will do better if you are calm cool and colected

Mohawk Blazer 16’ Canoe
Thanks for the replies. I have found a Mohawk Blazer 16’ Canoe, do you think this would be a good canoe to purchase so I can take my dog out?



dog canoes
Bell Morningstar RX: some exciting moments with both dogs but never capsized.

Stitch & glue Osprey:

Mad River Explorers are very forgiving
of roaming pets. Whatever canoe you use, if there is room in the front end for Fido he cant rock the boat because he is confined to the center. He may be too heavy however. If you can keep him between your knees in back that allows you to reach him. If he is roaming free and side to side, the stern paddler, who can see him, can compensate a lot by simply leaning the oposite way. Resist any urge to lunge for the dog as he puts his feet up on the rail. He probably cant tip you over on his own but the two of you on the same side of the canoe will have a very good chance of swimming.

Mad River Explorer
I paddle with a 70lb Lab. I can pull Her back into boat in deep water.

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For my dog and me.

For me. For my dog and me.

Swift Mattawa
Swift Mattawa:(I needed a solo canoe but not) 80lbs dog and 50lbs pack works fine, If the weight is positioned properly.