Safe to repack canned vegetables

Was wondering if its safe to repack canned mixed vegetables? Why? Well If I could find a local store that sold mixed vegetables in the smaller 8.5 ounce cans (they do sell them) I would be set BUT all I can get is the larger 15 ounce canned ones. Only want 8.5 ounce worth per serving. Fresh is to much a pain and work. Buying online cost to much to be worth it. Maybe getting big can then repack into 2 small 8 ounce Nalgene screw top plastic bottle? Would it be ok for up to 4 days.

I have a better idea
Buy frozen vegetables in a bag and put them in a dehydrator. Last a long time, no special storage needed, and cook fast.


no idea
what’s the cost of dehydrating 8oz of peas ?

how long in what dehydrator ?

Not buying a dehydrator
Not buying a dehydrator for some mixed veggies. A little extreme don’t you think. Plus I don’t like dehydrated veggies at least the ones I have bought before.

Doesn’t really mater as tonight I found a store brand mixed vegetables in the 8.5 ounce can But can has to use can opener no quick pull off top like I get for chicken in a can. But at least I found some locally at 95 cents a can.

You don’t need a dehydrator
To dehydrate. Use your oven. If it’s got a fan so much the better

Dehydratiors are more efficient but you can get by without

itsa Kollman

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get out the files

Chinese Army SU

we ordered 12 last order. super Xmass gifts

try each can type

sterilize the new container and wash your hands ect

sterilize old containerand opener

ope can n dump contens into new container.

let stand.

acidic foods last a day or so

beans also. In open cans.

so try that.

I agree buying a dehydrator for just a few veggies is overkill; but if you start doing a lot of veggies, and fruit, and other food, it can be worthwhile. I’ve got a good sized dehydrator and do about 11 pounds of mixed corn/peas/carrots at a shot. All my food is dehydrated when I travel. My food costs when out tripping are the same or lower than if I’d stayed home and I can carry over a months worth in a 60 liter barrel.

I can’t tell a difference between rehydrated corn, peas, and carrots. Last year I did green beans from the garden and never got them to come back fully. This year there are green beans in with the mixed veggies so I’ll see how those do.


3-bean salad
Have you tried the 3-bean salad? Not only is that usually available in small cans, but even if you can only find big ones and have to repack the contents they will keep better than water-packed vegetables because they are packed in a vinegar-based dressing. If you want to keep your peas, corn and carrots, you might experiment with mixing it with the 3 bean or draining off the water and replacing it with a vinegar type salad dressing. I love the combination of a little toasted sesame oil and balsamic vinegar on vegetables – the oil makes them taste a bit like bacon.

vinegar !

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yes !

todays menu

can drained Swansons chicken dropped into boiling water. cook. drain

can Amy's medium Chili

can Campbell's Chipotle with Road Kill Soup (no water)

heat n stir

add water n Idahoe instant potato mix for more or heavier servings.

feeds several

you should be fine
No different than keeping leftover canned veggies in your fridge for 4 days or so. Keep them cool. Datakoll is right, acidic veggies don’t last as long.

acidic veggies don’t last as long?
I fail to understand why as vinegar has bacteria killing properties.

Foods with vinegar are called pickled. Pickled things last longer without refrigeration. Visit a backcountry larder or a farm stand in Newfoundland to find out more about preserving food.

Do not store in the can. Use a separate container. You may be able to keep the leftovers cool with wrapping the leftovers in a wet towel in a collapsible cooler and letting the evaporation of the damp from the towel keep things cool. Google swamp cooler.

I’m just trying to help

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OTOH, here's some info if we want to waste his time with a debate:

I just dont get where you think acidic
veggies don’t last as long.

Up here lots of people can and pickle and store in the basement.

By canning I mean Mason Jars and o rings…

Dehydration is not that big a deal either if you have sun. It works for cod and tomatoes.

I am not trying to start a debate just giving my own some six decades of experience from canoe camping sans cooler.

11 pounds of mixed veggies takes 8-10 hours in my dehydrator (Excalibur). What it costs to run it that long I don’t know.


3 bean salad
I will try the 3 bean salad thing. Sounds good. But I was able to find the smaller 8.5 ounce mixed vegetable can so that plus the 3 bean salad and I should be good. Just trying to mix up my camping food a little.

No interest in getting into dehydrating food.

I google searched for hours about repacking canned food, couldn’t find anything other than tuna.

Thanks everyone for ALL the replies.

John Wayne can opener
P-38 or the larger P-51. Available next to the cash register at every military surplus store.


get your hi and low act together…