Safe way to remove Sharpie ink from padd

I just got shorter paddles and need to remove my name and phone number from the old paddles’ blades. They are written in Sharpie ink. Rubbing alcohol did not erase it. What have other people used that did not harm the resins? The blades are on a Werner Shuna and Cyprus.

goof off -nm

Acetone or Ethyl Acetate
May work, and usually don’t bother epoxy resins once dry.

You can buy small cans at hardware store or look for fingernail polish remover that contain either. Problem is the fingernail polish remover is diluted with water and that limits their ability to dissolve the ink.

polishing compound
Next grade down from car wax.

Tried the isopropyl alcohol again
This time, I left it on a little while before wiping. It took several iterations but did work, I knew I had used it a few years ago and did not need to repeat the process as often. Possibly, the stuff I used back then was the 91% solution. What I had on hand today was 70%.

Thanks for the other ideas, though.

Try using ladies hair spray. used it on office equipment years ago.

Color of Sharpie?
Need to get some sort of ID on my own Cyprus. What color did you use?

Next time just cover it with duct tape

It was black
I had used a black Sharpie before. When I marked the new paddles this time around I used a silver Sharpie on the shaft, not on the blades. The blades are so pretty I hate to mark them up, especially with the Wave Azul tones on the Shuna,

I’m a stained glass person and we use markers all the time. We get the marks off the glass with denatured alcohol purchased at hardware store, by the paint thinner. Maybe that will work?

Will, over a period of time, eventually remove the Sharpie ink. I use Endust all the time to clean and polish all my paddles: wood, aluminum and composite. I find, that after three (3) polishings, I have to re-label my carbon fiber wing blades with a silver color fine point Sharpie permanent ink pen.

One Weird Trick Removes Sharpie!
Click-baity title aside, you can usually safely remove Sharpie (and most permanent markers) from hard, non-porous surfaces without specialized solvents or solutions.

A standard DRY-ERASE MARKER already has the solvents you need, just draw over the marks you want to remove and wipe with a rag or paper towel.

You may need more than one application (especially over large areas, try ‘wetting’ and cleaning small areas at a time), but it’s a fast and effective way to get most permanent marks cleanly off surfaces.

Why Worry About It
Just cover it with a prettier color and don’t worry about it. Nobody is going to care how you paddle looks.

She’s not worried about it at all
If you read her initial message, you’ll get the gist that she probably wants to sell her old paddle sans her personal info.

Sharpie ink
Have you tried WD40 or similar product. I use it often and it dissolves the ink on most surfaces, unless it has really soaked in.

maybe he wants to buy it

If You Hide Your Personal Information
Nobody will be able to read it. Why would anyone, buying a used paddle, care if covered up. It’s a used paddle. A black spot won’t change it’s value.

Why screw around with toxic chemicals trying to remove something that can easily and cheaply be hidden?

This thread demonstrates the problems with group think. The group focuses on impressing each other with their knowledge of cleaning agents. They ignore the issue at hand. Which is eliminating access to name and phone number.