Safety and Re-entry

Does anybody have an opinion about Sea Wings and their use? The originator, Tim Ingram, has such strong opinions it’s hard to know if these things really work as he states. He told me he has “… decided to not bother selling them, in view of the deadly instruction scam for money, despite so many deaths.” But They seem like a great idea. Anybody know?


Works Better As A Crutch in Milder

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conditions. Once the the waves get steep, those wings will prevent the boat hull from adapting to the wave angle of beam seas. If the boat flips over, now it's harder to right the boat.

A boat that feels tippy on flat water is actually better in less than flat conditions, provided the individual paddler is relaxed and has sculling and rolling skills.

You might want to read up on Nick Schade's page:

Another page worth looking at from One Ocean kayaks. It's has illustrations of what comparing what happens to flat bottom boats vs boats with my V on waves.


A better solution

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If you are worried abou re-entry and safety and you paddle alone alot, I would look at one of the faster Sit-On-Tops.

Most take about 10 seconds to climb back on. Use a paddle leash to keep you connected to the boat and use thigh straps and it's a pretty safe way to paddle off shore.

I have an older Heritage Seadart and it has a unique hull design with a narrow inner hull that lets you go fast on flat water and outer built in sponsoons that give a lot of stability. I use mine in the Ocean and have only capsized when trying to paddle out through pretty big waves or surfing bigger waves both without using thigh straps, with thigh straps it's a pretty stable boat, but I have a lot of practice playing in waves on sit on tops. I go on paddles with the local kayak groups where everyone else is in their SINKs and I keep up just fine except with the most gungho speed paddlers. I paddle sink boats for surfing and have gone on several day coastal paddles in baja in sinks, and i still like my Seadart quite a bit.

The Tarpon is a pretty decent boat too.
He has a webpage and sells them, and it looks like he has recently upgraded his webpage with various encouraging comments, but for years he has been considered a net-kook for his online rants regarding the “conspiracy.”

Sponson Guy
He told me the other day he is not going to sell them anymore. As he said “I have decided to not bother selling them, in view of the deadly instruction scam for money, despite so many deaths.”