Safety equipment

What standard safety gear everyone should carry

more details, please
Please provide more details on what you plan to paddle and where. The gear needed varies greatly - for example, someone canoeing in the Boundary waters needs different gear than a white water kayaker on class 5, which varies again from someone sea kayaking around the coast of Alaska.

I’ll try to feild it
Yes of course we need more info, but your profile tells alot.

PFD is of course and always first.

lessons can NEVER hurt, “Knowing is half the battle”

then you need to make a safety kit with stuff like:

change of clothes

space balnket

pack towel




lighter and fire starters

duck tape

extra hat and sunglasses



Then you need the fun/person preference stuff:

I have carabeners, pen/paper, first aid tidbits (the little things store baught kits throw in), srewing kit, hand warmers, glow stick, Seal All gule, tin foil, more matches, more lighters, extra plastic bags, then another lighter in a plastic bag, fishing line, needles, granola bars, trail mix, instant ice pack, alcohol prep pads, wet-naps…maybe a few other items.

go to the local Borders and sit down and read “Build the Perfect Survival Kit”. It opens your eyes to what you can carry with you. then read some more…this topic comes up ALL the time. Then you may think about what else you wil want and you will be almost ready for what ever comes, but what ever it is you will need will inevitablly been used up on your last trip.


I like hats, sunglasses

Safety equipment
It was just a general question. Every one has a different idea on what to carry. Such as a first Aid kit, Towing gear, a kit for extended trips, River knife,ect

Safety equipment
Currently I carry, a extra paddle, extra clothes, first aid kit, duct tape, a screw drive with multi heads, 30 feet of nylon rope, hand pump,sunglasses and lotion,. Today I paddle a necky zoar sport when the ice starts to break I will try out my New Qcc 400x and start a new setup. Plan on more paddling on Lake Michigan this year

If In Open Water…
for sure a paddlefloat and pump, and spare paddle. Learn to use it. Learn to roll.

Everything else, add or subtract according to season, weather and length of trip.