Fellow canoe and kayak paddlers, an audience-driven Q/A Paddling Safety Panel will be featured during the Adventure EXPO at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis, the last weekend in April. Panelists include yours truly representing kayaking, and Cliff Jacobson covering canoeing. We’ll field questions from the audience on all aspects of safety, including myths, the reason for certain techniques and other important issues on kayak safety. This will be a serious, in-depth look at safety, not just glossed over mentions of generic paddling tips you see so often. I encourage you to be a part of this safety panel discussion. - PANEL SAFETY DISCUSSION PANEL - Midwests Mountaineering, Minneapolis - Sunday, Apr. 28th, 11:45a.m., U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 108

please share some of the insights you gain and myths you uncover with us online via the forum. Some safety tips and procedures are specific to certain environments. Number one goal of any paddling trip should be coming back alive.

Midwest Mountaineering. It’s an oxymoron, right?

I assume it is a store in Minneapolis .

Hi ! Do you ever travel to the East coast? Long Island, NY ? Our kayak club is looking for great speakers.

Good idea. Way too many people miss the obvious.
PFD, dress for immersion, practice rescues, go in a group, scout rapids.