Saguenay Fjord - late August

I will be in the Saguenay Fjord region in late August. I will be looking to kayak either day or multi-day trips. If any are interested in joining, let me know.


Targeting Aug 22
Just an update. Planning to meet at least one other kayaker for this trip on Aug 22. You could be there, too.


any upstaters interested?
I’ll be driving up to meet “booztalkin” from the Saratoga Springs NY area on 8/22 if there is anybody near there who wants to come along. Return to NY will be probably 8/28.

Was there from Aug.1 - Aug.8. Saw humpbacks, fin, minke and belugas. Lots of porpoises and seals. Stayed in Les Escoumin and paddled both the fjord and on the St. Lawrence. My third trip there. Certainly not my last!

weather woes
We had to bag the site to site kayak camping plans due to monsoon like thunderstorms every night. Met a group who had tried to come downriver from Saguenay and the 25 knot winds stalled them so completely they had to send two paddlers back for the shuttle cars and bailed. My Ontario buddy who was going to meet us on his way home from Gasope found his truck was too challenged by the precipitously steep hills on route 138 (he was hauling a teardrop trailer) – he turned back towards home.

We did manage a 17 km day paddle out of Baie Eternite along the cliffs, in light misty rain and overcast skies but air and water temps were ideal (65 and 70 F respectively). And we got to watch a small pod of belugas feeding off the beach at Baie Marguerite the following day.

I got tired of 4 continuous days of being soaking wet and drove back to the Dacks. Chip headed up to Paradis and reports better conditions up there and more whales, though there are reportedly fewer sightings this year than usual.