Saguenay Fjord

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I'm heading to the Saguenay Fjord in Quebec in June. Likely doing 8 days or so. Anyone been there and have any advice to share? (Favourite campsites, tips, etc?)


No, but
I am interested in hearing any details about your trip as you go along. I am looking (and have been planning) for the past two years, to paddle the northern coast of Labrador and into Quebec. I hope you get the chance to get up there, as I would love to hear any stories from that area.


You couldn’t pick a more beautiful place. I was there two years ago. There are a system of campsites on the fiord managed by the Canadian park service. These are tent platforms and tastefully hidden off the water, marked by the Quebec flag. I would recommend putting in at Bay Eternite. There is a campground there that you can stay in prior to going out on the fiord. Your can set up a trip down the fiord and back. Pay close attention to the tide tables as it will make launching and recovery much easier. If you can learn some French, many people there speak English, but some do not and it is always polite to at least attempt to communicate in French. Plan to bring enough water, the fiord is saline at least as far up as Bay eternite so you can’t rely on filtering. Plan to spend a little time in Taldusac. June is early for the Whales, but if you are lucky you can see them from a campsite above town. Hope this helps,Roger.

That’s Tadoussac BTW
I was there in '85. You have to go in August to see the whales-I did via 3 decker motorboat. It’s cool on the water even in August-a jacket was required…The town is very quaint. Avery good place to paddle and I intend on doing that next time I go…

several times - - -
i’ve guided several trips down the Saguenay. i’ve put in up the river near where the dam lets the water into the fjiord and taken out on the St. Lawrence at a campground. don’t remember the names of any of these. the platform camping is fine and the paddling excellent. watch out for that big tourist hovercraft that runs up and down the river … it tosses out a helluva wake, big enough to surf.

go in august and the Beluga whales are plentiful and quite a site to see.


Maybe someday we could get a group together to paddle the Saguenay…just a thought…in August of course!

Sounds like a plan. Count me in haha

Serious though…

any takers?


group paddle …
that could be fun. i’m usually paddling in Labrador or Newfoundland in August but could definitely meet you on the way up or back with some notice.

hmm that gives quite a bit to think abou
I know in May, we ahve the Kayak Newfoundland & Labrador Retreat which includes Justine Curgenven. Should be a great time. In june I am headed to the west coast of Newfoundland to do some BCU training and in august I have an 8 day CRCA sea kayak course in Gros Morne National Park. From the 14th to the 20th. Any dates out in particular for you>

I’m hesitant to put

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anything in stone right now for dates as I have to switch a week with another guy to get 2 weeks together- my vacation can't be pulled off any other way. I am starting at Tobermory to do some island camping and diving and heading to Killarney after, then I will wing my way to Tadoussac and Saguenay IF I can get this guy to trade the one week-I also want to do some diving near Brockville-when I can get concrete answers to this I'll set up a date to throw out and we can go from there K?

Take your time. I dont’ have many constraints and was blessed with patience. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

I may just have to come up at the same time to represent the Quebec contingent of P-net. We can do some surfing on the bow waves of passing ships as well as watching the whales…

My dates are getting closer
to becoming a reality! A coworker is willing to do a week’s trade so it looks like my vacation will be from the 7th to the 20th of August.I was thinking of getting to Tadoussac for the 8th of August and spending a few days paddling the Saguenay and camping in the area.My itinerary is kinda tight since I also want to get to Brockville to do some diving, then over, wayyyy over to Killarney Provincial Park and finally to Tobermory to do some more diving…all the while camping of course! If any of you think the 8th might be okay for us to hook up fine, but if not I’ll be going solo because these dates aren’t very flexible I’m afraid…

My Summer is blocked.
I will be at a kayaking retreat in Terra Nova National Park may 20 - 23 and thinking may do a 60km trip directly out of the park. Then I start with guiding day trips on the first of June, and at the end of June I will be going to the Kayak Symposium in Corner Brook(for some BCU training - CANT WAIT for this), for three maybe four days. Then directly back to guiding again til the fourteenth of august and then off to a CRCA course for 7-8days in Gros Morne National Park!..busy busy busy, and then back to work guiding til the first week of september is over. JUST IN TIME for big sea swells and great surf for one to two months just 15m from home :slight_smile:

I’d like to see pics of your adventure though…sounds like you have a hectic hectic schedule


Hey ya gotta
squeeze in what ya can eh?

did you go
I’m looking at doing this trip. Did you or anyone else end up going? Where did you start from…end…all the good details. Thanks