Saguenay Fjord

I will be traveling in eastern Canada and consider paddling the Saguenay Fjord. I’ve heard the whale watching where the Saguenay meets the St. Lawrence is very good. But what about paddling the Fjord? It’s long and narrow, so probably subject to difficult wind and current conditions. I read online that there is camping available along the fjord, but if it is truly fjord like it will have steep sides and not many places to stop, nevermind to bail out. I’m seeking advice on whether it is a worthwhile paddling destination. Any info appreciated.


Call Mike Petzold
at CARIBOU EXPEDITIONS. he has run whale watching kayak trips there.

the whale watching
is fantastic,I have seen belugas from shore. and the whale watch from bigger boats to rigid hull inflatables to kayaks. there could be 5 species present.

Try this list from the National Park

also helpful on tides.

Wish I could find info on Newfoundland kayaking so easily… going there to Avalon in less than a month.

it’s a classic!
I’ve done it, and lots of my friends too, on our own.

Althought, most of the paddlers do the Fjord with guides.



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Done 2 one week paddles there. Camping is by reservation through official Quebec Provincial parks I believe. I think there are 13 sites from Lac Saguenay to the St. Lawrence. They hav platforms for tents, fire pits and privies. Tides and winds, especially when they are opposing can create some pretty gnarly conditions in the fjord. Parts of fjord are indeed steep vertical walls with no place to land or bail out in emergency. Self rescue skills are highly recommended. Belugas are plentiful in fjord, especially in Baie St. Marguerite where they birth and rear the calves. I've seen well over 30 belugas on a single paddle, with some of them coming within 2 feet of us. Very, very cool!. The big whales are more in the river then the fjord. We've seen Minke, Finback, and Humpback. Blue whales have been reported, but I've never seen one. The fjord is breathtakingly beautiful. Personally,it is my favorite paddle destination. Leading a group of about 8 paddlers there the first week in August. Can't wait!!
Be advised, I did a one day trip with Fjord en Kayak, one of the links in a previous post. They were excellent, but due to their location far up the fjord, we saw zero whales when paddling with them. The nearer you are to the river, the more whale encounters you will have.

Kayakmedic - mid June I got back from my second trip to NFLD. I have not paddled the Avalon Peninsula so can’t help you there. Here is a resource that I hadn’t found on my last trip but spotted this time around:!forum/kayak-newfoundland-and-labrador

Perhaps you can ask your questions there.

My first trip was from Burgeo to Gray River and the last trip was from on the Northern Peninsula from Pistolet Bay to Hare Bay/St Anthony’s.

Love paddling in NFLD and already planning on going back again next year.

The black fly are really bad everywhere we traveled EXCEPT the Northern Peninsula. The locals there say that they are scarce up there. Bring a FULL bug shirt with hand mitts and an opening to eat. Good foot wear to keep your feet dry in the bogs are important too.

Have fun!

Good info
Thanks for the replies and the links. I’m glad I asked.