Saguinay Fjord

Two of us plan to paddle for 5 days or so in Saguinay Fjord. Has anyone here paddled there? Can you please suggest particularly beautiful parts, wilderness campsites, and any general advice? We are very experienced wilderness sea kayakers. Thank you.

Beautiful place
Been there 3 times for 5 days each trip. Camping is only allowed on government placed campsites. Need permit and reservations to do that either through an outfitter or the proper Quebec agency. Fjord can get very gnarly when the tides and the winds are opposing. Especially around full moon. You will not see too many whales upriver from Baie St. Marguerite, and rarely any of the big whales in the fjord. They mostly stay on the St. Lawrence. Fjord between Rose du Nord and Tableau is especially beautiful, but the area from Anse de Roche downriver to the St. Lawrence is also spectacular. My favorite paddle destination by a mile!