Said goodbye to an old friend yesterday

My beloved Tarpon 160 had become too much for me to handle out of the water so I sold it to a younger man. He is 70, a paddler and sailor and lives on a sailboat.
I’ve been through many boats; most haven’t been missed. That one had been my go to for lakes, rivers, and bays. A faithful conveyance in storms, wind, flood and perfect days.
It would still be here but for it’s 85 lbs.
It fell victim to an aging man’s desire for a lighter, prettier , faster model.
Those cost more and you have to learn how to handle them.
It sure is purty!


It’s shame that they’ve been discontinued. The Tarpon 160 made for a great fishing platform that was relatively fast and handled very well out front.

But I get it about the weight. After almost 20 years of ownership, I recently sold off my 65# 18’ glass boat. Her replacement is on the way for next spring and is 20# lighter. Can’t wait!


You didn’t post a picture. I almost replaced my 145 Tsunami, but I know every idiosyncrasy and what to expect. It occured to me that we’re in it to the end. Familiarity is more important that speed, but if It doesn’t go faster soon, it might end up in a recycling center. Lot easier to put the plastic block in the hatch to take it on trips than tow it behind me.

85 lb :scream::flushed: for 16’

And 150 after a 20 mile paddle.
I tried to look up the weight since it’s discontinued. One place said 65 and another said 75. Maybe it got heavier as I got older.

It’s a rotomolded SOT, so most likely all of 85#. They never count the rigging. My Hobie Revolution 13 fishing kayak weighs at least 75# without the seat and drive. They claim 60#. Thank goodness for Wheel-eez tires on my cart and the Thule Hullavator!

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