Sail repair

Had a rip in my Pacific Action sail. I sewed it together very poorly, but the ripstop finished it off nicely.


How did you attach the piece of ripstop?
Did you use something similar to Seamgrip, a flexible clear urethane used to seal tent seams?

Welcome to the world of sailing!
Sailors sew. Just like stinkpotters much learn some wrenching. I think you repair may last a long time. Next time I round the corners of the ripstop patch with some scissors and sew all around the edge of the rip stop. Sail Rite is you friend for advice, sail thread, and repair tapes.

I really like those pacific action sails!

Its all good Andy …, That sticky back
ripstop alone would have held on that type of sail. Amazin’ stuff. Yep on rounding it off.

Former sailboat rental maintenance guy talkin’

I thought about rounding them off…
AFTER I put it on! I think I’ll redo them. I have plenty of ripstop left. The ripstop is self stick.

sail tape
or the rip stop is about all you need on that. A lot of the modern light weight stuff like that doesnt like most sail thread, or needles.