sail rig with outriggers, anyone?

I have just purchased the plans for a CLC sail rig and plan on building for use on my tandem kayak. I have enjoyed downwind sailing through the simple use of a hexagonal tent fly strapped to paddles - quite effective and exciting - but only works for downwind travel.

After much online research, the CLC rig seems to be a good compromise between getting good, safe performance without permanently converting the kayak into a sailboat.

Anyone have any experience with this or any other sail setup that they would like to share?

Apologies in advance to any who are offended at the thought of sailing a paddlecraft. :wink:
I would hit up these guys for every bit of info you can get. The Balogh rig is use/expedition tested. The CLC rig meets the builders desires to build something but I think you’ll end up modifying it over a few seasons use.


Try this one first…Instructions on the use on the website…I’m using the Ultimate V now, with outriggers and a rudder…

HINT:…use a paddle leash to secure the sail to your boat…if you get a gust or a situation that threatens, just let it go…

Outriggers?..commercial or make your own…

Canoe Sailing
I have a Balogh/Boss Rig for my canoe. E-mail me if you want my 2 cents.

quick response!
I guess I caght some peoples attention with this. Thanks for the info. I have looked at the balogh product and thoughtthat their sail system seemed to be the highest performance out their for this application. However, having inherited a free windsurfing mast and sail, I thought I would make the atrtempt of modifying them to be of use for me - hence the need fo the outriggers. WhatI have not looked into is the floatation requirements I would need for an outrigger. The Balogh system has some impressive results with a quite small float - similar in size to the extremely economical float system on the referenced kayakfishing site (highly detailed). I’m just wondering how much sailing performance one can get when sailing off the wind. My logical (yet nautically untrained) mind would assume tha a small float would be a good stabilizer (keep the boat from capsizing) but would creat a fair amount of drag when the leeward side float was buried in the water in response to crosswind. I don’t know… That was the appeal of the CLC system - longer, more floatation, boat-like shape. I would love to here from you balogh sailors on your experiences…as well as anyone else with other systems or thoughts.

Perhaps this all a question of trying to create a boat that does it all, and in doing so, does nothing well…the process is interesting in any event.

By the Way, the boat I am building this for is a wilderness systems pamlico excel (BIG tandem) and want a lot of stability for me, my wife, and our 18 month old daughter (who LOVED paddling last summer/fall.

Hope your paddling/sailing/fishing soon!

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I sail all the time. Not with outriggers though.

Pamlico XL
for some reason I think that’ll be a better sailing boat than a long skinny kayak,what do you say David? I wonder sometimes about the horsepower limits from sailpower in a low freeboard kayak when the driving force is way past the cockpit,seems that would drive the bow under easily in gusts/waves.

perhaps some ideas from this site:

More bouyancy up front sounds like a good thing. Also a bit of rocker helps as well for manueverability. That Pamlico out to sail well without outriggers if it’s 33 wide like the 160 T is. I could not find an XL model. You would want more rudder.

The Spring Creek rig works on kayaks too. They have mounting brackets for boats like the Pamlico.

At 33 wide with the 45 sq ft lateen, you could spill wind as needed yet really get a kick out of sailing it.

Bailing bucket is a must for that big cockpit. Just like an open canoe!