Sailing an Aquaterra Keowee 2

I have a Perception/Aquaterra Keowee 2 that is, I think, a good candidate boat to be fitted out for sailing. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who might have tried this. I have an excellent little British book, more a booklet, entitled SAIL YOUR CANOE, with lots of good info in it, but real life experience in this regard would be very, very useful.

John Dunn

How wide is it?
I don’t know your boat but I put a 40 sq ft sail on my solo canoe. (15’ x 30")

I been sailing it fo about a week now and it goes pretty good but I won’t be surprised if I dump it one of these days.

Lots of sailing canoes and kayaks go with outriggers. Means they can carry more sail with less worry.

How wide is it?
I have to measure it exactly, but it’s at least 30 inches, maybe more and about 14 feet long. It’s definitely beamy and so long as I keep what they call the sail’s “center of effort” low I should be able to keep it upright even without outriggers or dagger boards. I’ll be sailing on the Hudson River where a lot of it will be tacking, so I’ll definitely need something to stop me from going over.

Lee Board
The lee board is not to keep you upright.

A boat without a keel will sideslip quite a bit when the wind is anywhere but directly behind you. If you want to sail anywhere besides downwind you need a lee board to resist that.