Sailing rigging for canoe

Looking for plans or design to fit to a 16 foot canoe. I remember seeing plans in a 1970’s Popular Mechanics or Mechanics illistrated. Discussed mast construction, sail, and side keelboards.

Can anyone give me an idea where to find something. Hoping to use when distance paddling on lakes and Ohio and Missippi River expeditions.


Heres a place to ask those questions or check out their archives.

Check out these websites
Constructing a mast would seem to be difficult. I suppose you would want to make it of metal and in sections. Outriggers would be needed for stability. Chesapeake Light craft has plans for wooden outriggers, but I assume you prefer metal in these, too. Check out the following websites for kits.

Check out Spring Creeks site
and catalog.

heres the american canoe assn site

Springcreek rig
Hi. I have the spring creek rig and love it. I did not buy the floats. I just hike out as needed. the 45 sq. ft. lateen sail does very well. I have found that if I sit in the bow seat sailing my penobscot 16 “backwards” I get better peformance than if I sit in the center seat that I installed for solo paddling. It gets the bow up a tad more and she seems to sail better. Getting the leeboards placed right is important too. Check out the CE of your sail area and place the lee boards clamp rig accordingly (usually about 2 feet aft of the mast) and it will basically steer with the set of the sail. The steering oar works very well and many purists of canoe sailing prefer it but I am more used to the push-pull steering stick type tiller in narrow boats so I built a kick-up rudder for mine. I love sailing so this is a perfect choice for those windy days that I just want to throw the canoe on the truck and go.

You can see my green penobscot 16 and sail rig in the pictures section of the yahoo sailing canoe site mentioned in the earlier response you got.

Good luck with your choice and have fun!

junk rig
Too bad I’m not near Ohio, I have a great handmade “junk rig” that I don’t use and would be happy to sell. Here’s some photos of what it (with the prospector) and other rigs looks like: