Sails and kayaks?

Just curious if a sail really works on a kayak. Does Hobie’s Outback design sail any better than a sail mounted on another kayak? Anybody tried it?

Not sure if your question
is about sailing kayaks or the Hobie Outback. Sailing kayaks work very well.

sailing kayaks is a blast…
It opens up all those days when its windy, choppy, and everyone else is sitting at home. I look forward to those days, also you can always put it away and revert back to paddling as always!


Here are a couple of pics.

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They are a blast for downwind sailing.

Just copy the whole line to the address bar.

Nice Photos

nice pics. too. what is your sail
rig? Does it require to drill holes anywhere?Thx.

Balogh Sails
Balogh Sail Designs uses their sail on Hobies with great results.