Saint Croix River trip

Here are some pictures and video from my trip. I also spent a few days out on Rocky and Second Lakes on the East Machias River. This was my first trip in my newly outfitted Bell Yellowstone Solo and it did very well in both lake and whitewater situations.

Saint Croix River:



Rocky & Second Lakes



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  • Jeff

Nice Pics and Video
Almost felt like I was paddling down the river myself. Funny, your combination of paddles was what I used until I sold my Werner since it was too long and didn’t want to cut it down a second time. Going to replace that paddle if I can find one on sale this winter. Still have my two BB Viper’s though. Thanks for the “Virtual trip!” WW

Viper padle
The Viper didn’t get used too much on the trip - the Yellowstone Solo really wants to be paddled with a J stroke. I only switched sides when I was going into the wind or up river. Glad you enjoyed the “virtual trip.”

love your pix
I’m thinking of doing the st croix next season, any advice? I love your pics, thanks for posting em.

from one river lover to another…


Nice Blog

I love your blog - you’ve given me lots of ideas about places to paddle. Those “glassy” lake photos make you think it’s like that all the time. On Second lake I had days with 35 MPH winds and others super flat and glassy. The joy of lake paddling is experiencing all of the moods that the lake can have.

Any advise on how/where/when to see Moose? I’ve only seen 3 in 6 years of going there, and 1 of them was dead straped to a hunter’s flat bed pickup truck.

As for advise on the Saint Croix - sounds like the dirt roads to the takeouts are pretty bad in the spring so it’s more of a Summer / Fall place to paddle. The level when I paddled was about 700CFS and I don’t know if it would have been much fun any lower. In the last few days they have brought it down to 400 or so even though we just got rain. Next time I really want to go all the way to Kellyland if not further. First year I went to Maine I met a young couple paddling tandem with 2 dogs at the dock in Calias. They had just recovered after a bad swim on the large rapids above the head of tide. They had started on the lakes above Vanceboro and were headed all the way to Eastport. Now that’s a trip I’d like to take, but I’d rather portage the big falls. I’ve also heard reports that the river between Kellyland and Woodland isn’t as nice, mostly flatwater, and stinky from the big mill in Woodland.

nice TR
Nice TR Jeff…you’ve covered quite a bit of water of late…good to see you’ve had the opportunity!

A pretty wacky summer/fall of weather. The wet-Spring(early Summer)coupled with a very dry 2nd half-Summer plus the very harsh couple winters for moose and deer…added to the state’s reknowned moose hunts have done a number on the herds in areas here & there.

…my $.01-take.