Sakonnet River?

Does anybody know a good put in for this paddle? Not too much info. to be found, any here would be appreciated. Any hazards or tide preferences? Thanks as usual.


You might want to post your question on the RICKA board.

The local Canoe and Kayak Club of Rhode Island.

FWIW, Sakonnet River itself is really not really a ‘river’ if I understand correctly, but a tidal strait in the western portion of Narragansett Bay.

I could suggest any number of day trips from Colt Park in Bristol, RI.

There’s a small boat launch in Sakonnett itself. Nice access to the outer part of the bay/sound or you can go up “river”.

Strong Tidal Currents
The tidal currents run at a pretty good pace through the constricted areas. In fact, RICKA and other sea kayakers use the Old Stone Bridge for rough-water practice. At maximum flow the big channel marker buoys are laid out flat.

Not a good place to paddle without someone who knows the waterway. People die there. Sakonnet Boathouse (now defunct) under the bridge stopped renting and teaching in the river because it was just too dangerous.

Try the beach across from Flo’s on Park Avenue in Island Park. The river widens out and current is not an issue. Do look at the RICKA sea kayak website; they have plenty of trips in the area.

Bristol. RI / Colt Park

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That is one reasons I recommended launching from Colt Park. It would avoid the Tidal stream concerns near the old stone bridge and other narrow portions of Sakonnet River.

He could also check in with you, since it is very close to your shop. ;-)

Safe paddling,

Check this out. I have this guide book and it covers the area your talking about. A nice guide book of the whole bay. FishHawk

Colt SP vs Bristol Harbor
Bristol Harbor is actually a better place to put in. The state boat ramp at Colt State Part is fairly exposed (huge fetch from both the west and the south) and it’s a pretty rocky shoreline; not a lot of places to land. There’s also a LOT of powerboat traffic and the major shipping channel into Providence is very close to the shoreline (read: ocean freighters going by 200 yards offshore).

We have a good public access carry-in landing (i.e. no powerboat access) at our shop on Bristol Harbor, and we’re always happy to look at the chart with you and show you good routes to paddle. You can also file a float plan with us and we’ll keep an eye out for you.

Ocean State Adventures 99 Poppasquash Road, Bristol, RI 401-254-4000 Cat or Jack

a few spots…
good access to Sakonnet river:

Tommy’s beach in Portsmouth (western side)

Sandy Point Beach in Portsmouth (western side)

McCorie Point in Portsmouth (Western side)

you can access the Sakonnet via Gulls Cove(Blue Belle Cove) in Portsmouth as well

in Tiverton there is a small beach just south of Stone Bridge that you might be able to launch from depending on the lifeguards…

there is a fun rip through the bridge…and sometimes it is flat as anything out there…just check your tides…

The Sakonnet River is a hand ful of miles long…where did you want to paddle???you can even put in in Middletown’s Third Beach and paddle up the river as well…a few