Salamander Flow Gel Seat

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I have had three of these gel seat pads and have the same problem with all three. Perhaps someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I love the seat pads, but for some reason, if they go unused for any length of time, they seem to ooze the dang gel.

The first one I had hanging by the security tab in the boathouse. Okay, I thought, my fault. The gel pooled at the bottom over time and gravity forced it out.

I stored the second one flat in our gear chest. No help, after about two months, I went back out to get it and same deal. This third one, was stored flat inside the hatch area of a racked sea kayak which wasn't used for about six months. I picked up the pad when I was ready to move the kayak and there was a pool of about six ounces of gel under the pad? The kayak was stored in a shaded boathouse, and the temp inside doesn't get "that" hot.

The flow seats are only used with the Sea Kayaks and we have been fishing in the SOTs for the summer. We just pulled the Sea Kayaks out to practice self rescues getting ready for the fall/winter paddling. We don't need the gel pads in the SOTs as we have accessory seat backs for those.

I went on line trying to find a contact for the manufacturer, but no luck so far. Suggestions or corrections gang? A conact for Salamander? At this point I just slipped the darn pad thingee in a plastic bag and will use it as is, sticky and all. My guy at my kayak dealer replaced the first one, and I replaced the second one that leaked. At $30 bucks a pop I am not buying another one. I am turning to the gallery, any suggestions?


These guys -
Hi Jim,

Glad you posted your experience with the gel-filled products - I’ve been thinking about spending money on a couple, but will now probably buy some foam to work with or something like the thermarest pads. Here’s a link to the Backpacker’s Pantry Salamander page:

No problems
We’ve had a flow seat for about 7 years and have encountered no problems. We purchased it for our Old Town Loon 120 and use it everytime we paddle this boat, as it absolutely eliminated the leg pain caused by the hard seat. I’d talk with the Salamander guys, because something doesn’t sound right. They would be off the market by now if everyone experienced the same problems you’re having.


I would love to talk to them

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The seat pad makes a big difference for me too and really reduces the pain on my tailbone. I really would like to talk to them to see if I am doing something wrong because I DO LIKE THE PADS.

I have had a hard time finding contact numbers for Salamander, all I can find are dealers. I finally found the parent company listed, but it seems to be an unrelated business and doesn't list a contact number either. Anybody have a customer service number for them?

Contact Info
American Outdoor Products:

Backpacker’s Pantry


Salamander Paddle Gear

Colorado Spice

Astronaut Foods

6350 Gunpark Drive

Boulder, CO 80301-3337

Phone Numbers:

Customer Service: 303.581.0518

Fax Number: 303.581.9288


thanks so much
for the info, I will give them a shout and get back to you guys with the reply.


If you
get an answer from the company please post it here. I to would get one of these pad.

Me too
Lost mine last winter and want another one for my romany, badly.

Sent an Email
To American Outdoor Products:

and they replied back that they were very sorry, but they had never sold kayaking products…

So I am still on the lookout for the actual manufacterer of the Salamander Gel Seat or Salamander products in general. I will keep working on it and if someone gets a solid lead, just let me know, I will write a very nice and tactful email. As I said, I love the seat and I am sure I am doing something wrong. If I get a reply I will post both my email to the company and their reply in full here on the forum for all to see… promise. My word as a Former Marine and Staff Non-Commisioned Officer.