Salem, Or Paddling

I would appreciate any information or links on paddling in the Salem, Or area. One thing I would be trying to decide upon is whether to take the fiberglass 16ft sea kayak or the 14ft Royalex canoe.

I will initial be in Salem, but can travel 100-200 extra miles for a few days to get to a really good spot.


Oregon paddling
Any of the high Cascade lakes at Santiam Pass or Willamette Pass will give you a great Oregon experience…Waldo Lake at Willamette Pass in particular. It’s one of the purest lakes in the world (really) and is only 2 1/2 hours from Salem and there are no motorboats, great campgrounds and crystal clear water. As for Salem itself, you have the good ol’ brown Willamette River and the much better Santiam River, altho you should research it. Sometimes parts are class III, other times II and I, depending on the flow from Detroit dam. My choice: Go for the Cascade Lakes in canoe or kayak.

I will paddling 75 miles on the Willamette R next month. Santiam, McKenzie, Columbia Rivers, etc. Plenty of lakes around. The ocean is not that far. Take your pick.