Salem Oregon Area

I am new to Kayaking and I am looking for lakes and slow rivers to go out on in the Salem/mid-Willamette Valley area. The foothills of the coast range and the Cascades are great, too. Thanks for any recommendations!

You may already have found these
trips listed for your area under the pnet Go Paddling category.

When the Willamette River slows in summer, you can go to any convenient boat ramp or access and paddle upstream and back.


Also -

Timothy Lake

Waldo Lake if you get over near Bend

of course there are the big reservoirs on highway 58 and 22 as you go over the mountains.

Late to the party…

I’m kinda late to reply, but I’m in Salem too. I just got a Kayak a couple weeks ago and would like to find people to paddle with as well. I’m free in the late afternoons/evenings during the week and most anytime on weekends.

new to kayaking
I too am new to kayaking. I usually raft down the Willamette from independence to wallace park or keizer. Have you found any other places to go? Always looking for someone to go with. Haven’t gor my husband into it yet.

Salem kayaking
We are new this year to kayaking and would love to find some others to go out with in the Salem area. We also want to explore other lakes, rivers, etc. as we find them.